Why We’re Different

While many private investigators are considered to be intelligent and crafty, they can also be secretive, sleuthy, unreliable and stuck in the dark ages. If you don’t believe us, you can check out the public perception of a private investigator.

Some investigators like to perpetuate the “cloak and dagger” image with their secret sources, inside intelligence and years of law enforcement experience.

We are not one of them… See what makes us different.

Want to Know More Before
You Hire a Private Investigator?

Not everyone is going to have a private investigator on speed dial.
We’ve put together a free guide of everything you need to know.

Facts May Not be Popular or
Convenient, But They Are Stubborn.

In our relentless pursuit of the truth, we assume nothing, and we question everything. We want our clients to do the same. That is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to teaching people everything about what private investigators do and what to expect. Each situation is unique, so it’s nearly impossible to answer every question, but there is a common core of questions that we get asked all the time.

Be So Good, They Can’t Ignore You.